Oh land! Baluchistan

Reading has always given me inspirations and inspirations always makes me write. Dedicating this poem for the ones struggling for peace, justice and independence. Plus the families whose father, son, children, wife and daughters been abducted and became victims of enforced disappearances. And to the recent terrorist attack victim’s families in Quetta.


When the foe keeps raiding, into territories that you own
Courtesy and stability , will never be the status-quo
Then the souls will ponder, stop hovering of right & wrong
Thrusting one towards a sword, towards an ink, that can’t forgo

Oh land! Your mountains & your streams,  your valleys & your spurs
Oh land! Delightful cliffs & passes, besieged by army curse
I feel’em plead and weeps for help, With the lips quite pursed.

They count the days’ spent to kill, it’s the body they can slay
Vision is just not perishable, let’em count night and day
‘Will’ should be the ‘will’ that can, move a mountain away.

Yet the faith if fades and yet, the hope you had ‘ has cast away
Don’t weep! the flowers they ripped apart, the spring is always on the way.

The spring is always on the way.

If blood it takes’ to break the yoke, of bondage & of slavery
If blood is all it takes to heal, your beauty & your bravery
Will coat you with this blood & let you, dwell in rosy gallery
Then nestling within your laps, Oh land’ hug me gently:
“Bya tara chara’n k bya!… Bey tao manara vash nabi” (baluchi)

I’ll live in every ballad and, will dwell in every memory.

Witnessing brutality, Serene sky then burst upon:
“What is it with all this, insanity that you begun…?
Many holy words you read & same again you preach a ton
What good they ever do? , if you act upon them’ a none
What good they ever do? , if you act upon them’ a none”

(Anne Baluch)